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Home-Based Speech, Language, and Feeding Therapy

What Families are Saying


"Our son started seeing Beth once a week in October 2014 after she was recommended to us through Early Intervention for a speech delay. We ended up going through our insurance instead of EI, but there were some bumps along the way. Beth was incredible! She contacted the insurance company numerous times and followed up to ensure the coding was correct and that our claims were filed correctly. She was in constant contact with us to give us updates with the insurance to be sure it all worked out. At her first visit, our son instantly connected with her. He was always engaged, and they worked really well together. She involved my husband and me in the activities and always gave us skills to work on during the week. Beth used things he was interested in to engage him (Elmo, cars, trains) and would bring new activities each week that she thought he would like. By April, he was down to every other week and then discharged in June 2015. The growth we saw in him in the 8 months he worked with Beth was incredible. He went from saying a few words to speaking in complete sentences! We would never be at this point in speech had it not been for Beth. There are not enough kind words to say about her. She is an amazing speech therapist and overall person! It is clear she loves what she does and makes great connections with the kids. It was a wonderful and sad day when our son was discharged. We couldn’t be happier with his progress, but we also miss seeing Beth each week. We would highly recommend Beth as a speech therapist."

Alexis, Arlington Heights 

"It's one thing to work with an incredible therapist and know it at the time, but it's another thing several years later seeing the results of a lot of hard work.  Finding a therapist that knew the steps to get from our little one moving her mouth and nothing coming out to systematically uttering specific sounds to words to eventually producing language that can now be understood by others...We continue to talk (brag) about the gift Beth was in all our lives.  Therapists (people) like Beth are diamonds in the rough. Here, years later we still look up to her for getting our little one started and we mean that literally. Giving us strategies, confidence, and hope...we will always be eternally grateful! 

Donna, Elk Grove Village

"We started working with Beth Deiter 6 month ago. At that time our son (3 years old) had very minimal communication skills. The play sessions with Beth helped him start communicate simple everyday tasks at first and then progressed to multiple word sentences. Beth has a great personal touch, and she knows how to connect with children (our son was looking forward to her sessions). Her method engages their attention with toys and creative ideas. Beth helped us as parents too with simple advice and strategies to continue fostering communicative environment for our son at home. This was a quality I was looking for in a therapist, and Beth was there to help us in that regards. We strongly recommend Beth Deiter to be your speech therapist. Not only will she help your child start talking, but she also will give you support in navigating the confusing world of a child's delayed development with her play groups, parent gatherings, and other activities. Through Beth we found a multitude of additional resources which helped greatly in a hard for us moment. "

Christina, Lake Zurich

"Our family met Beth a couple of years ago when we were searching for a speech therapist for our then 2nd grade son.   We really wanted the private, one-on-one attention a therapist could provide outside of the school setting.   Our family's experience has been overwhelmingly positive---from the evaluation, the sessions, the homework, and the follow up.  Beth is incredibly easy to engage with, and my son who is somewhat shy immediately felt at ease with her.   He actually looked forward to therapy sessions so that he could visit with Beth!  She is incredibly patient,  entirely encouraging, and makes sessions a perfect combination of "work" and "fun".  I felt very confident in Beth's assessment and evaluation, as well as her treatment suggestions and plans.   The convenience of in-home sessions was such a bonus with the busyness of our schedules, and it also made our son more comfortable receiving therapy being in the comfort of his own home. And the best part of having Beth as our son's speech therapist is that she came up with a unique and creative plan to help my son WANT to do his homework (i.e. new speech skills).  He was so excited about the plan and practiced so consistently that he completed his therapy with great success.   We are so grateful for the individualized attention and professionalism we received and would recommend Beth to any family who is looking for a qualified speech therapist."

Michelle, Arlington Heights

"Our son was evaluated by an Early Intervention speech and language pathologist in July 2014. She noted that our son was unstimulable for certain sounds; this is devastating to hear as a parent.  A month later we requested Beth come work with our son and very quickly  she had him producing these sounds (!!).  It was very easy for Beth to motivate our son and now, 8 months later, their relationship continues to grow strong while our son's speech is now intelligible. There are many skilled therapists, but what makes Beth a great therapist is her innate ability to connect with our child and make therapy into challenging play."

Becca, Palatine

"It's hard to put in just a few words how awesome and amazing Beth is! My son was diagnosed with Apraxia and with Beth's help and detailed plan he has come so far. Now in 2nd grade his speech is very intelligible and his confidence has him thriving in whatever he's involved in. Our weekly meetings included what I could do during the week as well which was extremely helpful to my son and honestly I needed it to help me through as well! We are forever grateful to Beth, can't thank her enough!"

Mary, NW Chicago

"Thank you so much for all of the help you've given to (our son) and our family.  It has been such a pleasure having you as his teacher and watching him grow into such a wonderful talker.  When we began this process, I couldn't imagine how quickly we'd get to this point (graduation) or how grateful I am for your expertise and talent.  Thank you so much for all of the time you've spent with us and all of the work you've done for (our son)."

Julie, Arlington Heights

"Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you for all your help and hard work!  (My daughter) has come so far and is headed in the right direction because of you."

Julie, Buffalo Grove