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Home-Based Speech, Language, and Feeding Therapy

Community Engagement


Supporting the Village

Beth's commitment to creating a community of support for her patients and families has inspired her to become more active in efforts to educate, advocate, and increase awareness at the local level.  She is thrilled to become even more involved as Founder and Board Chair of the new non-profit organization C.I.T.Y. of Support: Children In Therapy and You.

She welcomes opportunities to:

  • Provide inclusive opportunities for play in the community
  • Increase awareness of the resources available for children with developmental concerns
  • Speak with educators/childcare providers/physicians about therapeutic concerns and resources
  • Share information/expertise at local discussions/meetings/conferences
  • Collaborate with parents and professionals in supporting funding for programs that support therapy services and the children who need them




Beth was was asked to present at the 2016 Illinois Library Association's annual conference about her collaboration with the Arlington Heights library in creating Early Intervention Playgroups. 


Beth's Early Intervention Playgroup and other collaborative initiatives with her local library were recently showcased at the 2017 Division for Early Childhood's Sharing a Vision conference.



Parents and professionals have joined Beth in voicing their concern for timely payment of therapists through the State of Illinois's Early Intervention Program.  She has organized private meetings with state representatives and senators as well as coordinated larger events.


In February 2017, when Governor Rauner was interviewed regarding the budget impasse on WBEZ's Morning Shift radio broadcast, Beth's call-in question was featured in Minute 7:00, shedding light on its impact on therapy providers, children, and families in Illinois.

Increase Awareness


According to their website, "The Illinois Early Intervention (EI) Clearinghouse identifies and collects research-based and best-practice early intervention information to share with families and is operated by the Early Childhood and Parenting (ECAP) Collaborative at the University of Illinois."  

Parents and providers can access this FREE service by contacting them here.


According to their website, "The goal of the Child Find Project is to educate the public about the importance of early intervention and early childhood special education services for eligible children as early as possible in their development."  

Free public awareness resources can be ordered here.


In 2017, Beth organized a group of parents and professionals to express their love for Early Intervention by marching in the Arlington Heights 4th of July Parade.  

Together, they increased awareness for the state program through the distribution of information, resources, and their very presence in the parade.